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Wednesday, September 15, 2021
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Let go of stress with this mindfulness strategy for a truly relaxing summer

Learn how to stop worrying about the future and sink into the present moment with this simple mindfulness strategy.

Summer reading list: 9 books you’ll want to read for fun

Is your goal to read more (for fun) this summer? Use this guide to learn how to make more time for reading, plus discover some new books that will get you excited for summer reading.

Ask the professor: “How do you stay motivated through summer classes?”

Need help staying motivated through summer classes? Use these four tips to push on through.

UCookbook: Easy Cajun-style red beans and rice with vegan sausage

Craving Cajun food? This red beans and rice recipe with vegan chorizo is flavourful, hearty, and perfect for meal prep.

Ask the professor: “How do I get back on track after two rough semesters?”

College is demanding, and it’s normal to fall off track. The important thing is how you respond to setbacks. A professor shares success strategies that have worked for her students.

11 creative ways to use up leftovers and reduce your food waste

When your budget is tight, every wasted serving of leftovers and spoiled batch of produce matters—here’s how to prevent food waste.

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